DMARC for the Education Industry

Empower the future of education with secure email authentication.

Analyze your domain with a single click.

Verify your compliance with the latest requirements.

Trusted by top educational institutions.

Centralize the authentication of all emails originating from your university, college, or school domains in one convenient platform.

Complete Visibility

Receive instant updates on your email channels and swiftly identify any malicious activity.

Speedier Alignment

Attain DMARC compliance swiftly and gain peace of mind with automated solutions.

Enhanced Deliverability

Authenticate your sending sources to boost email domain reputation and efficiency.

Enhanced Trust

Prevent email phishing and BEC attacks to safeguard your students, staff, and reputation.

DMARC: A Crucial Defense Against Cyber Threats

CEO Impersonation Scams

The attacker, impersonating a high-ranking executive, sends emails to your employees, requesting money transfers or access to sensitive databases.

Illicit Goods Trafficking

Attackers may exploit your domain to peddle illicit goods online, such as drugs or weapons, potentially exposing you to severe legal repercussions.

Legal Liabilities

When hackers exploit your domain to pilfer money or data from individuals, it can result in lawsuits against your organization.

Fraudulent Invoices

A hacker masquerading as one of the organization’s vendors could generate counterfeit invoices, potentially resulting in substantial financial losses for companies.

Unauthorized Access to Credentials

By impersonating customer support representatives from your business, an attacker can illicitly obtain information from your partners and customers.

Ransomware Propagation

If hackers exploit your domain to pilfer money or data from individuals, it can result in lawsuits against your organization.

Strengthen your schools email security with DMARC.

School administrations hold a wealth of information about students, faculty, and alumni. Given that email is the primary mode of communication in universities, it is crucial to safeguard the personal information of all parties involved. Discover how to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial data, and medical details with DMARC.

DMARC Guide for Education IT Teams

YOUR DMARCs research examined a total of 1,930 .edu domains in the US, revealing that only 152 have achieved the reject policy. In essence, just 7.8% of the sample is fully shielded against spoofing and phishing attacks. Although this figure is concerning, it surpasses the global scenario. Among 12,050 randomized .edu domains worldwide, only 401 have attained the reject status, equating to a mere 3.3%.

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Comprehensive DMARC Management Tailored for the Education Sector

Transform Email Security

Our platform offers a straightforward and effective method to oversee DMARC, the gold standard for email authentication. Safeguard the reputation of your school, college, university, or training center and thwart phishing scams, guaranteeing the security of your students and staff data.

Streamline DMARC Management

Our platform simplifies the DMARC setup process, making it easier than ever to begin. Featuring a user-friendly interface and real-time reporting, you will have full visibility into YOUR DMARC implementation status, enabling prompt identification and resolution of any issues.

Empower Education Future

We are dedicated to advancing the future of education through technology. Thats why we have developed a solution that enhances email security for students and staff. With our platform, you can rest assured that your emails are consistently secure, allowing you to concentrate on delivering the best education possible.

10x faster

Enforce DMARC Policy

99.9% increased

Email Deliverability Optimization

100% visibility

into all email channels

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