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Healthcare has emerged as one of the most targeted industries globally. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, prioritizing healthcare cybersecurity solutions and adhering to best practices has become imperative for organizations worldwide.

According to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), bad actors are actively targeting healthcare organizations of all types and sizes, regardless of whether they are public or private, rural or urban. Previously considered a neutral zone, the healthcare sector is now facing diminishing tolerance from hackers.

Governing bodies within healthcare institutions must grasp the risks posed by ransomware, phishing, medical device compromise, and other cyberattacks.

DMARC, an email authentication protocol, can significantly enhance healthcare cybersecurity by protecting organizations from email-borne attacks that impact critical aspects of healthcare operations. Below are some of the challenges healthcare cybersecurity companies need to address.

Challenges Faced by Healthcare Cybersecurity Companies

Disrupted Patient Care Due to Cybersecurity Breaches

Ransomware and phishing pose serious threats to patient health information in digital form. Cyberattacks can compromise patient databases and disrupt the seamless flow of patient care information exchange.

HIPAA Privacy Rule Compliance

Protected Health Information (PHI) is governed by the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which dictates which entities have access to patient information and how they must use and safeguard it. Email-borne attacks can potentially expose this sensitive information, highlighting the importance of robust cybersecurity measures in healthcare organizations.

HIPAA Security Rule Compliance

The HIPAA Security Rule encompasses the subset of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, specifically focusing on electronic protected health information (e-PHI). Implementing DMARC can serve as an initial step in achieving HIPAA compliance by safeguarding email communications.

Risk of Financial Fraud

Healthcare institutions are susceptible to financial fraud propagated through email. Spear phishing attacks targeting organization executives and finance team members can have devastating consequences for healthcare institutions of all sizes.

Enhance Healthcare Cybersecurity with DMARC

We have created a video illustrating how healthcare institutions and their patients are vulnerable to phishing attacks. While the animation features a fictitious hospital and phishing incident, the threat is genuine—hundreds of such attacks occur weekly.

Watch the video to learn about our recommended solution: email authentication.

Trust DMARC Professionals to Achieve Your Healthcare Cybersecurity Goals

Identifying top-tier healthcare security solution providers to safeguard all facets of your organization protection is paramount. Properly configuring email authentication protocols and securing your domain infrastructure are critical. Whether you utilize email for communicating with patients, vendors, or partners, it serves as a communication channel that could potentially expose sensitive data such as patient information databases, personally identifiable information, contracts, billing details, and other information subject to HIPAA compliance.

Accelerated DMARC Implementation

Our user-friendly platform and seamless onboarding process will equip you with the knowledge to address any DMARC-related issues efficiently. You will achieve DMARC reject policy status swiftly.

No Confidential Information Needed

Our customer journey at YOUR DMARC is fully HIPAA compliant. We do not require any patient information to enhance the security of your domain infrastructure. Rest assured, your customer information is secure with us.

AI-Enhanced DMARC Reporting

Our proprietary solution harnesses advanced machine learning algorithms to parse DMARC reports into a user-friendly dashboard, simplifying data analysis and interpretation.

Reputation Monitoring and Alert System

Continuous monitoring is essential for maintaining a healthy infrastructure. Monitoring your domain helps prevent blacklisting, while alerts keep you informed about critical environmental changes.

Fully Managed SPF, DMARC, and BIMI Solutions

Email authentication can become overwhelming due to its technical nature. Our managed SPF, DMARC, and BIMI healthcare cybersecurity solutions are designed for those who lack the time to delve into the technical intricacies.

Round-the-Clock Technical Support

If you are still unsure, our support team is always available to assist you in setting up authentication protocols, explaining the technicalities, and guiding you towards a secure domain infrastructure.

DMARC Adoption in Healthcare: Enhancing Compliance, Security, and Reputation

YOUR DMARCs dedicated research team conducted a comprehensive examination of DMARC adoption within the global healthcare sector. By meticulously selecting a diverse array of domains from prominent healthcare institutions in the US, Europe, and globally, our study offers a representative snapshot of the industrys security practices.

Alarmingly, our findings reveal a stark reality: a mere fraction of healthcare institution domains have embraced the stringent protocols of DMARC. Specifically, only 18% of US-based domains, 7.2% of European counterparts, and a mere 9% globally have implemented the highest level of DMARC policy. This glaring gap underscores the vulnerability of healthcare organizations to malicious email-based cyberattacks.

To delve deeper into our insightful discoveries and expert analysis, we invite you to access our complimentary eBook. Uncover the critical insights that can empower healthcare institutions to fortify their email security posture against looming cyber threats.

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DMARC: A Crucial Defense Against Cyber Threats

CEO Impersonation Scams

The attacker, impersonating a high-ranking executive, sends emails to your employees, requesting money transfers or access to sensitive databases.

Illicit Goods Trafficking

Attackers may exploit your domain to peddle illicit goods online, such as drugs or weapons, potentially exposing you to severe legal repercussions.

Legal Liabilities

When hackers exploit your domain to pilfer money or data from individuals, it can result in lawsuits against your organization.

Fraudulent Invoices

A hacker masquerading as one of the organization’s vendors could generate counterfeit invoices, potentially resulting in substantial financial losses for companies.

Unauthorized Access to Credentials

By impersonating customer support representatives from your business, an attacker can illicitly obtain information from your partners and customers.

Ransomware Propagation

If hackers exploit your domain to pilfer money or data from individuals, it can result in lawsuits against your organization.

Become a Trusted Healthcare Provider

It is time for your patients, vendors, and partners to recognize your institution as the trusted healthcare provider it truly is. With YOUR DMARC, our cutting-edge healthcare cybersecurity solution, we ensure your domain reputation remains untarnished and your email communication stays secure.

Talk With A DMARC Expert

Our DMARC service is designed to be straightforward to set up and use, and our team of experts is available to assist you at every step. Let us know the challenges your nonprofit organization faces, and one of our DMARC experts will work with you to identify the best solution.

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