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Safeguard your brand and customers from prevalent email scams. Foster stronger customer relationships and gain significant advantages in today's ever-evolving and insecure digital marketplace.

Ensure the Safety of Brand-Loyal Customers

It's crucial for marketing organizations to collaborate closely with security teams to address customer trust and brand equity, recognizing it not only as an IT or security concern but also as a critical business issue.

Display Your Logo in Recipients' Inboxes

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) not only reduces the likelihood of brand impersonation but can also enhance email open rates and engagement. This is because customers can trust that the email is authentically sent from your organization.

Mitigate Phishing and BEC Attacks

Implementing rigorous security standards such as DMARC effectively mitigates business email compromise and phishing attacks, ensuring your company's reputation remains at the highest level.

The Definitive DMARC Guide for Marketers

Ensuring customer safety falls under marketing's purview. DMARC authentication standards represent the next level of security, empowering marketers to enhance customer relationships and gain crucial advantages.

By grasping DMARC authentication and integrating it into their domains, marketers can shield their brands and customers from phishing and spoofing scams.

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DMARC: A Crucial Defense Against Cyber Threats

CEO Impersonation Scams

The attacker, impersonating a high-ranking executive, sends emails to your employees, requesting money transfers or access to sensitive databases.

Illicit Goods Trafficking

Attackers may exploit your domain to peddle illicit goods online, such as drugs or weapons, potentially exposing you to severe legal repercussions.

Legal Liabilities

When hackers exploit your domain to pilfer money or data from individuals, it can result in lawsuits against your organization.

Fraudulent Invoices

A hacker masquerading as one of the organization’s vendors could generate counterfeit invoices, potentially resulting in substantial financial losses for companies.

Unauthorized Access to Credentials

By impersonating customer support representatives from your business, an attacker can illicitly obtain information from your partners and customers.

Ransomware Propagation

If hackers exploit your domain to pilfer money or data from individuals, it can result in lawsuits against your organization.

Advantages of YOUR DMARC


Visibility into Your Entire Email Flow


Manage Email Sending Services


Email Sending Domain Security


Increase Delivery Rate by Establishing Legitimate Sender Reputation


The YOUR DMARC SaaS platform offers essential mechanisms to enhance email marketing campaign deliverability, visibility, brand protection, reputation, and confidence. Brand reputation is directly impacted by the ease with which phishers can target a company or its customers.

The YOUR DMARC Solution

YOUR DMARC offers domain administration teams a comprehensive suite of features to easily adopt, monitor, manage, and analyze email authentication standards, all within a user-friendly platform that requires no expert knowledge. With the YOUR DMARC Solution, you can:

  • Prevent Data Breaches
  • Prevent Financial Losses
  • Prevent Customer Attrition
  • Safeguard Your Email Accounts

Enhanced Blacklist Monitoring and Reputation Assessment

The blacklist check will examine a mail server's IP address against over 100 DNS-based email blacklists, often referred to as Realtime blacklists (DNSBL or RBL). If your mail server is blacklisted, some of the emails you send may not be delivered. Email deliverability can be influenced by various factors, and having your domain and/or sending mail server's IP addresses listed in blacklists can significantly impact it negatively. With Blacklist monitoring, you can:

  • Automatically monitor your domain across 50+ blacklists
  • Receive instant alerts if your domain is blacklisted
  • Access a geographical overview of the blacklist monitoring results

Complete BIMI Toolkit

According to statistics, the average open rate of email marketing campaigns is 18.0%. Meanwhile, 66% of malicious emails employ identity deception tactics by impersonating well-known brands. BIMI offers a solution by collaborating with DMARC, DKIM, and SPF to enable recipient email providers to accurately identify the company, thereby ensuring that your messages appear in the inbox. With the BIMI toolkit, you can:

  • Boost customer engagement rate and email deliverability
  • Showcase your logo in your customer's mailbox
  • Implement BIMI to enhance customer confidence

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